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Payment integration made simple

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Infralution IPN.NET provides a complete ASP.NET solution for automating your purchasing and product licensing system using PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) mechanism or other ecommerce platforms.

IPN.NET is used in conjunction with the Infralution Licensing System to provide a complete licensing and purchasing solution.

IPN.NET includes a sophisticated IPN Test Tool (see below) that allows you to fully test and debug your IPN Server on your local development machine.

You can download a fully functional evaluation version of IPN.NET to fully test and evaluate your complete purchasing system before making the decision to purchase IPN.NET.

IPN.NET Test Tool

How does it work?

Customers click on PayPal purchase buttons on your purchase web page to add items to their shopping cart. When they have completed shopping they make their purchase using PayPal's payment facilities. Customers can pay by credit cart, echeck or from their PayPal account. They do not have to sign up for a PayPal account to use PayPal's payment mechanism.

Once PayPal has received and verified the payment they post details of the transaction to the web address (on your website) where you installed IPN.NET Server. IPN.NET Server verifies that the posted data is a legitimate PayPal transaction and that the payment is correct for the purchased products. It then generates license keys (if required) and emails the customer with customised information for their purchase.

The customer, sale and license key data can be recorded directly into the Infralution License Tracker database. Alternatively if the IPN.NET web service is hosted remotely the data can be recorded into a standalone database and then imported into the License Tracker database later. An email with an XML attachment containing full details of the transaction is also sent a nominated notification email account.

Integration with other ecommerce and web integration platforms (such as Zapier) is supported via a secure JSON Web interface that allows authenticated clients to generate license keys and email customers automatically.

Why use PayPal?

PayPal's payment processing fees are lower than any other distribution and payment mechanism. PayPal currently charges 2.9% + 30c on each transaction. This is 5 to 10% less than the lowest cost third party software vendor. Even better, there are no nasty wire transfer fees since PayPal allows you to transfer funds directly to your bank account at no cost.

If you sell $1500 worth of product a month then you will save the cost of IPN.NET in the first month.

System Requirements

  • Infralution Licensing System Version 6 License
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or later (with ASP.NET support)
  • Website with ASP.NET 2.0 (or later) support
  • SMTP Email account (to send notifications to you and your customers)
  • Ability to create sub-folders on website and set permissions for them
  • PayPal Business or Premier Account (free from PayPal)
  • Basic understanding HTML and C# coding


A secure JSON Web API allows authenticated 3rd party ecommerce sites and integration platforms (such as Zapier) to generate license keys and email customers.
A predefined Zapier app allows integration with other Zapier apps with little or no programming.
IPN Test Tool that allows complete testing and debugging of your IPN.NET server on your desktop development machine
Allows you to sell a package of items at a reduced item price
Allows you to require that a given item (eg source code) can only be purchased when another specified item is purchased in the same shopping cart transaction
A product can be tagged as an update allowing you to verify eligibility for the update before the customer is sent the product.
Integrates fully with Infralution's Licensing System (ILS) to provide a complete licensing system
The expiry date of authenticated licenses purchased using a subscription is automatically updated when the subscription is renewed.
Automatically sends emails to customers providing license keys and product download links
Allows you to prevent customers, with email addresses from anonymous email providers (eg hotmail), receiving product emails until you have verified their details. Credit card fraudsters commonly use anonymous email address to avoid tracing.
Allow easy customization of emails sent to the customer
Comprehensive error handling mechanism emails full details of any errors to a nominated address so that that you are notified immediately of any issues.
Records sales data either directly to the License Tracker database or to a standalone database (from which it can be imported into the License Tracker database)
Full C# source code for the IPN.NET Server can be purchased separately, allowing you to fully customize the solution to your requirements